Plastic tanks, containers, plastic welding, dipping baskets, plating barrels and gears, and plastic replacement parts manufactured by Imperial Industries Inc.

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As a custom plastics fabrication company, Imperial Industries Inc., has been working with sheets and shapes of various plastics since 1945. Polypropylene, Polyethylene and PVC are used to manufacture plastic tanks, dipping baskets, plating barrels and replacement plating barrel parts, plastic weldings and barrel gears. Our products are used extensively in the metal plating, coating, cleaning and chemical processing industries and wherever corrosion resistant applications are required. Plastic fabrication is usually a cost effective alternative to stainless steel and other exotic metals. The automotive, hardware, appliance, circuit board and furniture industries, along with numerous others, have benefited from the use of Imperialís corrosion resistant equipment.

As plastic fabricators, we provide solutions from design to finished product. Imperial is proactive in consulting and advising you on your custom fabrication needs. We can consult on, or complete the design of, many fabricated plastic and metal items. Our manufacturing capabilities include plastic welding, metal welding and the machining of plastic and metal parts. We will provide final fabrication and / or assembly and ship a finished product to you. This insures that you get the CORRECT product solution because we take the time to understand how the plastic tank, or fabricated plastic product will be used. All work features our High Imperial Quality (High I.Q.) standards.

Custom Plastic Fabrication - Process Tank
35' Long Process Tank

Plastic Fabrication - Special Cylindrical Plastic Tank
Special Cylindrical Plastic Tank

Custom Plastic Fabrication - Long Plastic Tray
12" Wide x 15" Deep x 5' Long Plastic Tray

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