Plastic plating barrel gears, plating barrels, and horizontal and oblique plating and processing barrels are fabrications of Imperial Industries Inc.

Imperial Industries - Custom Plastic Fabrication

Plating Barrel Gears

We manufacture a variety of plastic gears used on Imperial plating barrels, phosphate barrels and black oxide barrels as well as barrel plating equipment manufactured by others.

Our plating barrel gears come in:
  • Plastic - polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon and other machineable materials
  • Gear sizes up to 36" in diameter
  • Custom and standard tooth pitches from 3 DP through 8 DP
  • Prototype and production quantities
We do rush jobs!

When you contact us for replacement plating barrel gears, please send us the old gear or give us the:
  1. Equipment manufacturer and part number
  2. Gear pitch or outside diameter
  3. Number of teeth
  4. Type of material (if known)

Imperial Industries can also provide you with plating barrels in either hexagonal or round shape. Our horizontal plating barrels range in size from 12” to 24” dia. up to 60” long with side wall perforations from 1/16” to ½” in diameter. Since our barrel shells are formed in one piece we have eliminated welds on long walls, which mean less broken welds to trap solution and parts. The barrel shell is inserted into the barrel head to increase structure strength and manually welded. Each side of the door on the barrel shell has an adjacent rail which contains an imbedded stainless rail to strengthen barrel and prevents distortion.

Some of the other features of our plating barrels include:

  • Single lids that can be reversible, 3/4” thick up to machined lids 1 ¼" thick, closure with a titanium clamp
  • Two-piece lids closures that are titanium stud/nut or titanium clamps
  • One compartment barrels or 2 compartments for smaller loads
  • Assemblies are available with polypropylene or titanium hanger arms

In addition to plating barrel gears we can supply horizontal and oblique plating and processing barrels. Our polypropylene plating barrels range from 12" to 24" dia. up to 60" long and will have polypropylene or titanium hanger arms. Our metal processing barrels have been designed to handle up to 6,000 lbs.

If you need plating barrel gears, horizontal plating barrels or plating barrels, we can provide standard or custom fabrications. Just let us know what you need!

Custom Plastic Fabrication - Plastic Barrel Gears
Plastic Gears up to 36"

Custom Plastic Fabrication - Plastic Sprocket Sections
Plastic Sprocket Sections

Custom Plastic Fabrication - Plastic Plating Barrel Gear
Plating Barrel Gears

Please contact Imperial Industries when you need a plastic gear, plastic tank or other custom fabrication.

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