Plastic tanks fabrication and plastic containers in PVC, polypropylene and polyethylene plastic tanks are fabrications of Imperial Industries Inc.

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Plastic Tanks

Imperial Industries specializes in fabricating plastic tanks and containers. Plastic tanks are a specialty of Imperial Industries. Our custom fabricated tanks or containers range in size from less than 1 cu. ft. to tanks in excess of 35 ft. in length. Imperial tanks have been used extensively in the plating and process coatings industry. Other applications for our tanks include chemical processing and waste treatment.

Many corrosive or chemical environments that require a tank container can benefit from Imperial's plastic tanks:

  • Process Tanks
  • Sectioned Plastic Tanks
  • Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Vertical Storage Tanks
  • Horizontal Storage Tanks
  • Cylindrical Tanks
  • Double Wall Tanks
  • Large Double Wall Tanks
  • Conical Bottom Tanks
  • Chemical Feed Stations
  • Secondary Containment Tank Systems
Custom Plastic Fabrication - Sectioned Plastic Tanks
Sectioned Plastic Tanks
Our design engineers have decades of experience in creating one tank or creating an integrated system of tanks, process piping, or ancillary support features for an entire production process. We can also handle your single plastic or metal tank requirements.

Custom Plastic Fabrication - Steam Heated Electroless Nickel Tank System
Steam Heated Electroless Nickel Tank System
Our plastic tanks are made from PVC, polypropylene, or polyethylene. We also manufacture an extensive line of mild steel, stainless steel and plastic lined metal tanks.

PVC tanks are made of Type I, Type II or clear material. Plastic tanks are fabricated in round, rectangular, square or other geometric shapes. We hot bend vertical corners and butt-weld tank walls up to
1 ½" thick; these bends are fully fused throughout the material thickness. Manually applied extrusion welds are used on most of our tanks.

Plastic Fabrication - Plastic Tanks with Containment
Plastic Tank with Containment
  • We manufacture tanks in a wide range of shapes and quantities in corrosion resistant materials.
  • We have the ability to match the correct corrosion resistant plastic material to the application when replacing a steel tank with a new plastic tank.
  • Customers are given the opportunity to approve AutoCAD® drawings of custom plastic fabrications and plastic tanks prior to fabrication.
  • For large fabrications, we have a crane bay measuring 50' by 120' long and a 10 ton overhead crane, 18' under hook.
  • Each tank has a serial number assigned.
  • Imperial tanks are covered by a written warranty appropriate for the application.
  • Plastic tanks, plating, processing tanks, steel tanks and other plastic fabrications are available.
The following links to articles are for educational purposes only. Imperial's actual plastic engineering, welding and fabrication processes may vary, depending on the application. Click on plastic tank fabrication to view the first article.

Please contact  Imperial Industries when you need plastic tanks or other custom fabrication.

Plastic Welding

Imperial Industries plastics welding experience dates back to the late 1950's when polyolefin materials were first introduced. Since then we have become plastic weld experts providing plastic tanks, containers, plastic plating barrels and custom fabrications of various sizes to the plating, coating and metal finishing industries. We utilize plastic materials and welding processes that will handle the size, solution density, solution temperature, load requirement and corrosion resistance that you require.

We have produced plastic tanks in excess of 35 ft. in length. We can also provide small intricate fabrications. Custom plastic fabrications can often replace steel weldments for applications where corrosion or chemical resistance is an issue.

Our specialized custom fabricating machinery is used to bend and butt-weld plastic sheets up to 1 1/2" thick and 10 ft. long. Each bend or butt-weld is fully fused throughout the thickness of the material. Custom plastic welding of intricate shapes is performed using specialized manual welding devices and portable extrusion and injection welding equipment.

We have developed a proprietary welding rod that is extruded in house to achieve high-strength porous-free welds.

Our walk-in gas fired oven measuring 6' X 6' X 10' deep is used to heat the plastic to the proper temperature prior to forming and welding.

Extrusion Welding
Extrusion Welding

Plastic Welding of Tank - Manual
Manual Welding of Plastic Tank

The following link to an article is for educational purposes only. Imperial's actual plastic engineering, welding and fabrication processes may vary, depending on the application. Click on plastic welding to view this article.

Contact us for your plastic welding needs. We can help you in the concept stage, or work from your prints to ship a finished product anywhere in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico.

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