High impact and standard plastic dipping baskets in polypropylene, polyethylene or PVC are fabrications of Imperial Industries Inc.

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Plastic Dipping Baskets

Imperial Industries, one of the nationís leading suppliers to the plating industry, can supply standard or custom fabricated plastic dipping baskets in polypropylene, polyethylene or PVC. We can furnish prototype or production quantities and we do rush jobs.

Imperial standard plastic dipping baskets come in stock sizes of 10" x 10" and 12" x 12" with 3/32" or 3/16" dia. perforations.

Custom fabricated high impact plastic dipping baskets feature:

  • Round, square, rectangular, or a shape of your choice
  • .060" (or larger) perforations
  • Additional girth supports
  • Plastic or stainless steel handles

Manual Welding of Plastic Dipping Basket - Custom Plastic Fabrication
Manual Welding of Plastic Basket

Our standard polypropylene dipping baskets feature:
  • Side walls and bottom fabricated of high impact polypropylene
  • 1/2" diameter stainless steel or 3/4" plastic handle
  • Two plastic girth supports
  • Bottom reinforcement rib
Let us know how you plan to use the plastic dipping basket and provide us with:

  • Dimensions of basket
  • Perforation size required
  • Solutions baskets will be used in
  • Style of handle
  • Load size

Custom Plastic Fabrication - Plastic Dipping Baskets - Stock Size
Stock Size Plastic Baskets

With the information in hand, we can quickly fabricate the plastic dipping basket that you need.

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Plastic Fabrication

Machined Plastics and Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Imperial Industries machined plastics fabrication and metal fabrication facilities are housed in a 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility located conveniently near major interstates and the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Machining of corrosion resistant and chemical resistant plastic and metals is performed to produce plastic bearings, gears, spacers and other specialized parts. In order to accommodate large fabrication jobs, we have a 50' x 120' high bay area housing a 10 ton overhead bridge crane.

Custom Plastic Fabrication - Machining Plastic Components
Machining of Plastic Components

Custom Plastic Fabrication - Plating Barrel Components
Plating Barrel Components
Custom Plastic Fabrication - Steel Processing Barrel with Plastic Gear
Steel Processing Barrel with Plastic Gear
Our machinery and equipment includes:
  • Automated Drilling Machines
    • Perforate plastic used in horizontal and oblique plating barrels, dipping baskets and custom applications from hole sizes .060" diameter and up
  • Horizontal Barrel Forming Equipment
  • Dangler Manufacturing Machinery
  • Gear Cutting Machinery
    • Specialized equipment for manufacturing plastic gears for plating, phosphate and black oxide barrels
  • Hydraulic Clicker Die
  • Machine Shop Equipment
    • CNC vertical mill, vertical band saw, lathes, milling machines (horizontal and vertical) drill presses, surface grinders, arbor presses, pipe/bolt threading equipment, belt sanders, 70T ironworker
  • Plastic-Working Machinery
  • Table saws, band saws, jointer, planer, drill
    • presses, routers, belt and disc sanders
  • Metal Fabricating Equipment
    • MIG and arc welding equipment, plasma and oxyacetylene cutting equipment, shear (1/4" x 120") metal cutting cold saw (6" capacity), pantograph burner
  • Plastic Fabrication Equipment
    • Walk-in gas-fired oven 6' x 6' x 10' deep, bending and butt-welding equipment for plastic sheet up to 1 Ĺ" thick x 120" long
  • Manual Welding Equipment
    • Speed welding guns, extrusion and injection welding devices and welding rod extruder
Imperial Industries, Inc. uses the above equipment to produce High Imperial Quality (High I.Q.) machined plastics and other fabrications including plastic tanks, barrels, dipping baskets, and danglers.

If you are looking for corrosion resistant or chemical resistant machined plastics or metal fabrications, please contact us.


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