Plastic tanks, containers, plastic welding, plastic fabrication, steel fabrication and metal finishing for corrosion and chemical resistant needs are specialties of Imperial Industries Inc.

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We welcome an opportunity to create a custom plastic fabrication, custom steel fabrication, or metal finishing product for your precise requirements. In order to assist us in meeting your needs, please complete the following form.

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Custom Plastic Fabrication
Plastic Tanks (polypropylene, polyethylene, and PVC)
Metal Tanks (steel, stainless steel, plastic-lined steel)
Plating Barrels
Replacement Parts for Plating Barrels
Plastic (polypropylene and polyethylene) Dipping Baskets
Black Oxide Barrels and Manual Black Oxide System
Phosphate Barrels and Manual Phosphate System
Complete Barrel or Rack Plating System
Plastic Gears
Plastic Welding

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For a prompt response on your plastic tank, plastic welding or plastic prototype needs for all plating and non-plating applications in plastic, contact Lola Killey at:

Thank you for considering Imperial Industries. Please feel free to contact us regarding your custom plastic fabrication needs or machined plastics questions.

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